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Financial planning is not about money – it is about you. With the support of wealthadvice, your financial planner is able to provide you with access to a broad range of financial planning services to help you reach your goals.

These services may include:


  • holistic advice

  • strategic financial advice

  • consulting services to you, your family and your business

  • investment planning advice

  • personal insurance advice (for example, life insurance)

  • portfolio review services

  • superannuation and rollover advice

  • retirement planning advice

  • aged care planning

  • estate planning

  • planning when health issues arise

  • full accounting services


The Financial Adviser Profile provided with the Financial Services Guide (FSG) includes more information about the services provided by your financial planner.


wealthadvice provides your financial planner with significant support and supervision to ensure the quality of the advice you receive.


Your financial planner has completed external assessments and they must complete an annual training program to maintain their knowledge. They are also subject to regular reviews from experienced compliance professionals who assess the quality of their advice.


wealthadvice has an agreement in place with a number of external companies to provide research, software, compliance services, training and other necessary services required to offer you appropriate service. 


wealthadvice has an extensive approved product list which means your financial adviser can select the right product for you. All products on the approved product list are supported by research from experts.


wealthadvice ensures your financial planner: 


  • is only authorised to provide services to you where he/she has the appropriate qualifications

  • stays up to date with relevant industry and legal changes to maintain their qualifications

  • is provided with excellent technical support and tools to provide financial planning advice

  • is provided with high quality financial product research

  • is monitored and supervised to ensure they comply with the requirements of the law and wealthadvice’s standards of professional advice.


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